à partir de 3 convictions, forgées
par nos expériences opérationnelles
de dirigeant et de formateur :

  • 1.
    Quel que soit notre niveau d’excellence,
    nous n’avons de valeur que par les autres.
  • 2.
    Un leader se construit en acceptant
    ses fragilités.
  • 3.
    Seule la « vérité du terrain »
    permet de progresser durablement.

Seminarsand training courses

Create “impact” to energise support sytems
for teams and talents

PEGASUS Leadership has called on its unique operational expertise in the French Navy Special Forces and since 2007 applied it to the challenges of business and the development of collective performance in companies. With our clients, we create memorable experiences (seminars, training courses) to prepare leaders and teams to act and remain effective in a changing environment.

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A Combination oftwo key skills

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Self Knowledge

Know yourself in demanding situations: anticipate weaknesses, optimise potential and strengthen the agility of managers and leaders facing unforeseeable circumstances and the tensions of modern business.

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How to work better together, quickly and lastingly: accelerate mutual trust, maintain a balance between autonomy of action and collective efficiency; cultivate the desire to work together on ambitious projects.

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Programmes tailor-made to suit the needs and constraints of all participants

“off-site” at the pegasus campus in the lorient submarine base to heighten the impact of the programme by “immersing” participants in an unusual environment.

In the outdoor site of your choice,to meet your expectations and need for proximity

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